About Us

DEFINE CLOTHING is a streetwear clothing line that was founded by Hannah and Cole Gordon in 2016. Hannah is a Fashion Designer that graduated from the Los Angeles FIDM campus in the Fashion Design program. The clothing line supports both men and women who are seeking to complete their wardrobe with the booming streetwear style that will help define them and their look. We want our consumers to feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing on a day to day basis. Our whole idea is to show that comfort can look good, fashionable, sleek, modern, and presentable. We believe that what you wear, how you dress, and how you show your style is part of what defines you as a person. We will help our customers find what looks and styles define them.

Cole and Hannah love working as a team from Cole being the visionary and photographer and Hannah being the designer and seamstress. Everything at this time is made by hand personally by Hannah Gordon. We would love to hear from you and your opinion on what you think about our company. Thank you for your interest and support!